Welcome to Well Spoken. From M. Lloyd.

When I hear adults discuss what they’ve heard or learned from “experts” I generally laugh, ridicule them in my head, and/or write them off as sheep-like idiots. I know, that seems pretty harsh. After-all, there are people who spend years studying various subjects and endeavors  and have amassed an impressive wealth of knowledge on whatever subject they feel they are now an “expert” on. However,  if experience is the best teacher; then the truth is everyone  who is living is an expert on some level in some subject(s). . Think about it, by virtue of how much time we spend as customers, we are all probably experts when it comes to customer service. In situations in which service is rendered we can quickly identify what the representative did wrong, should have done better, and assign and overall judgement on the quality of service rendered. We speak as experts when giving recommendations to our friends and compensate based on our expert opinions when we leave a tip. I once argued to a professor in an international business class that he was a terrible teacher. He said how would I know I have never taught before and then added that his decade of experience make him the judge of quality. I responded with the fact that have 20 years of experience being a student and myself, and every other student can tell a good one when we see one and he was not. He had no response other than to not so politely ask me to leave class and not return. The point is that I was an expert student if nothing else and my experience with different teachers with their own styles and approaches is valuable.  I say all this to say that I am no official “expert” on many of the topics that will be addressed in this blog, but I have lived and am still living a life filled with experiences that has taught me a lot. The gift that myself, and Rovell my partner in this endeavor; have is the ability to take our experiences and apply them to various situations and synthesize thoughts and opinions in to words that are well spoken enough for almost anyone to understand. Far too often we have been in the position to where we have to speak and represent every Black person. Thus we offer our two cents on what it is to be a Black man on our terms. We will discuss topics that are important to us a Black men and that we think are important to Black people in general. Topics will range from Marriage, relationships, and fatherhood, to life in the workplace, entertainment, and culture. We may decide to offer facts, figures, and numbers to support or thoughts or we may not. The opinions expressed in this blog are just that opinions that solely reflect the two of us and  what we have experienced over the years, with the full understanding that your experiences may have taught you something entirely different, and if that’s the case…. do you, and take this for what ever it’s worth to you.  If you think something we say reflects your thoughts or opinions as well, dope! Do us a solid and go ahead and share it!

As an expert on Being a Black man I guess this is the part where offer my “credentials”.  I’m an early 30’s (yes that makes me a millennial), heterosexual Black man. I live in Houston Texas but was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve been in various levels of a relationship with my wife since 2005, we have been married since 2013. We have two children a Daughter and a Son, and we own our home (or at least own the mortgage). I don’t have a problem talking to women in the right circumstance and have entertained more than my fair share.  I have an and undergraduate and graduate degree in business. In college I joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.  I am an 80’s baby in every sense of the term, I don’t remember a time before Hip-Hop, and my parents were hit hard by the Crack epidemic. I am a product of government assistance programs all the way up through college undergrad (yes, FAFSA is government assistance).  I grew up in the “hood” mostly around South Central LA, Compton, and Long Beach.  My mother passed in 2002 and I have been working and grinding ever since. I don’t have a great relationship with my dad,  I am the youngest of 7, but I wouldn’t say I ever experienced a “blended” family.  Never been in a gang, however I have closely associated with those that have and are. I have been arrested once, my drug of choice is Alcohol, don’t mess with the other stuff. I lean liberal but don’t have a political party affiliation my focus is more on effecting change to educate, and empower Black people to the point of self determination. Call that Black nationalism or whatever, I just know we need our own. Lastly, my top 5 rappers/artist all time;  Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Kanye, Jeezy, Snoop. I think you will find my credentials more that qualify me to speak about the topics we cover at Well Spoken. Check me out on twitter @l8adopter.


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